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Coffee Roasting Application

Designs and builds the first unique oxidizer for the coffee roasting industry. This will be the first of many systems provided to roasting facilities around the world for odor mitigation.
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Automotive Thermal Deoiler

Develops a one-of-a-kind Thermal De-oiler system for the largest Automobile Manufacturer in the US. The design was awarded 2 new patents in the AC/Evaporation technology sphere: one for metal parts degreaser with heat recovery and another for a Pyrocleaning furnace and air pollution control system as it completely eliminated waste water from the process, thus saving the customer operating […]
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Mobile Oxidizer Fleet

Develops a mobile fleet of thermal oxidizers of various sizes and capacities. The trailer mounted design allows them to service customers during down times as well as temporary applications, such as soil remediation.
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Wood Processing Patent

Completed several successful system for the wood processing industry in Scandinavia that lead to a new patent for an innovative industry solution to eliminate VOCS, increase processing capacity and efficiencies.
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Pipe Coating Patent

Patents a metal pipe coating application, originally developed in the late 70’s and used by Epcon for the past 40 years, inorder to protect our technology and proprietary design internationally.
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