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3 Common Features of Custom Industrial Ovens

3 Common Features of Custom Industrial Ovens

The number of industrial oven designs are almost as limitless as the number of industries and individual companies that use them. But there are some common features that you see used in customized industrial oven design:

Different Fuel/Heat Sources

Depending on your location, industry, or specific operating requirements, your custom industrial oven design can support a variety of different fuel sources. This can be electric, gas or even use an alternative fuel source.

Custom industrial ovens

Air Flow Configuration

A critical component of a custom industrial oven is the duct work that controls the air flow through the process. Since the heat source for this process is delivered by forced air convection (most of the time), this has a significant impact on the overall industrial oven design. The air duct configuration also can help determine if the material being processed is large–a typical configuration is an air supply duct on the side (or horizontal) and a return air duct on the ceiling of the oven (or vertical). For smaller batches of material, a typical air duct pattern uses as “straight through” airflow, either going from top to bottom or from one side to the other on the unit.


The industrial conveyor oven is customized to allow product to move continuously through a system. This is key when stopping production to “load” the oven is just not practical and slows down the process. Conveyors are also a key component of an automated system which moves product through it in a specific sequence. Some examples of this type of use would be for composite curing, powder coat finishing and pharmaceutical applications.

Epcon Specializes in Custom Industrial Ovens

At Epcon Industrial Systems, we specialize designing and building “uncommon systems for uncommon applications.”  We can create an industrial oven design that meets your specific needs. For more information, complete our simple Get a Quote form, call us at (936) 273-3300, or send us an email at

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5 Reasons You Might Need a Rental Thermal Oxidizer

5 Reasons You Might Need a Rental Thermal Oxidizer

Why would you ever need to rent a thermal oxidizer? You cannot run your factory if you don’t have one in place, the environmental laws forbid it, and it is a critical part of your business, so what are some of the circumstances when you might consider renting a thermal oxidizer?

1 – Emergency

If your factory is damaged as the result of a natural disaster such as a severe storm, earthquake or other catastrophe, you need to get production back online as quickly as possible, and if the repairs are extensive, you may need a temporary Thermal Oxidizer to bridge the gap until the repairs or replacement of the air pollution control equipment has been completed. This is an excellent situation for rental Thermal Oxidizer.

Rental thermal oxidizer

2 – Maintenance or Replacement of an Air Pollution Control System

If your main Thermal Oxidizer needs to be taken out of service because of routine maintenance or part replacement, that doesn’t mean that you can shut down production. Every minute that the air pollution control system is off-line generates costly downtime. Rental Thermal Oxidizers are the perfect solution to meet such a

short-term need. Contact Epcon Industrial, get trailer mounted oxidizer, complete the service or repair, and then send the oxidizer back when finished. A simple and inexpensive solution to potentially expensive production downtime.

3 – Temporary Use

For Research and Development projects, where Thermal Oxidizers are needed for a short period of time, anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.   Thermal Oxidizer rental is a better solution than buying the Thermal Oxidizer for a short period of time.

4 – “Try It Before You Buy It”

Maybe you want to run a pilot test on a specific type of Thermal Oxidizer to make sure that a particular equipment package will meet your long-term production needs. A pilot program that uses rental Thermal Oxidizers can help you find the perfect air pollution control solution for your production.

5 – Remediation

Some jobs require a rental Thermal Oxidizer on site to deal with contaminated soil and water. Once the site has been successfully decontaminated the job is done and you don’t need a Thermal Oxidizer any longer. Rental Thermal Oxidizers are the perfect solution for these situations, especially a mobile, trailer-mounted oxidizer.

Looking for Rental Thermal Oxidizers?

Then be sure to check out Epcon’s full range of rental regenerative and recuperative thermal oxidizers. All of them, including trailer-mounted oxidizers are fully inspected and backed by our tech support and available for immediate delivery. For more information, just give us a call at (936) 273-3300, send us an email at, or complete our simple Get a Quote form to contact a rental thermal oxidizer expert today.

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National Geographic: Air Pollution Robs Us of Our Smarts and Our Lungs

We know air pollution is bad for our healthy, but does dirty air have the ability to change the way we think?

In a recent article from National Geographic, the possible affects of air pollution on the brain is discussed, as well as the many other ramifications of long-term exposure to dirty air.

“A study published earlier this week in the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences found that long-term exposure to particulate matter,sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide led to cognitive declines in study participants as they aged. Less-educated men were particularly impacted and had low verbal and math test scores.”

Climate 101: Air Pollution

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