Integrated Oven & RTO for Metal Processing Application​

Project No 3700

Integrated Oven & RTO for Metal Processing Application

The Challenge

A metal parts producer needed a new oven for the processing application as well as new air pollution control technology to ensure the new line was compliant with increasingly stringent EPA regulations.

The Solution

Epcon designed a high velocity, highly efficient conveyorized custom Oven to process various metal parts.

In addition, a 60,000 SCFM RTO  was installed to control the air pollution, and also doubles as a heat supply back to the Oven’s multiple combustion chambers within the conveyor system. 

The Results

The integrated system was full tested prior to shipment for 100% customer satisfaction. Once in operation the new line increased throughput capacity by 17% while also saving 82% of operating fuel with the thermal recycling between the RTO and Oven.

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