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Project No 3761

5 Level and 15 Zone Conveyorized Oven for Continuous Web Processing Applications

The Challenge

A Web processing operation needed a more efficient system for creating welding wire and rubberized elastic material, in a continuous web-form.

The Solution

Epcon designed and built a unique Conveyorized Oven for this web-processing operation, equipped with 15 zones, across 5 levels. The Oven, designed like no other,  supplies indirect heat for the curing process.  The very complicated Conveyor Oven has sophisticated airflow dynamics between the 5 (five) levels with 15 (fifteen) burners strategically placed in individualized heating chambers.

The Results

The compact design allowed for a more efficient operation, saving on operating fuel cost for the oven while also allowing for increased throughput production of continuous web formations.

This international Customer was pleased with the performance of the Oven,  that Epcon was recently awarded another project, with this customer. Over the years, we have designed and built several multi-level Ovens, for various applications, which are successfully operating around the world.

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