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Read Epcon’s Article in Fugitive Emissions Journal

Check our recently published article Using Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer’s to Replace Flares and Treat Fugitive Emissions. Managing Director, Tasha Jamaluddin, draws on Epcon’s years of project experience handling fugitive emissions, specifically in the hydrocarbon production and logistics industry. Featuring case studies, one from a Liquid Chemical Terminal and another from a Midstream Gathering Station, the […]
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The CMBL is a master database used by the state of Texas vendors to receive bids based on the products or services they can provide. As a leading Manufacturer and supplier of industrial equipment, Epcon is looking forward to serving Texas and Local businesses via the Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL). Here is our CMBL […]
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EPCON Featured in World Trade Online for Environmental Trade Policy Advocacy

Committee member Tasha Jamaluddin, managing director of Epcon Industrial Systems, told Inside U.S. Tradein an email — writing in her individual capacity and not on behalf of ETTAC – that she was interested indiscussing opportunities in Brazil and Australia, among other countries. Epcon Industrial Systems develops andmanufactures “innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating […]
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EPCON’s Systems aligned with EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Program Helped Manufacturer’s Cut 17 Million Metric Tons of Greenhouse Emissions

“Tackling the climate crisis requires everyone coming together to reduce pollution, and our industry partners have shown that we can accomplish this while improving energy efficiency and achieving millions in cost savings in the process,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “Companies that have met the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry have demonstrated the business […]
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Epcon – Proudly Family Operated Since 1977

  PROUDLY FAMILY OPERATED // Epcon is proud to promote Family, with many multi-generations working side by side. This year we are thrilled to have our Founder’s Grandson join our manufacturing team, officially making 3 Generations working together. He’s an OSHA certified Class A – Welder and we are lucky to have him mastering the trade!
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Check out Epcon’s extensive listing in Process Heating Magazine’s 2022 Buyer’s Guide. Epcon is a premier global supplier of various types of process heating equipment, including Industrial Ovens & Furnaces, across applications. Read more Full e-book
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