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Specialty Systems

ASMEYou can rely on Epcon to understand your process and to choose the system most appropriate for your application.

Epcon can also design Specialty Systems customized for your manufacturing purposes.

Pressure vessels are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, from the simple air compressors used to power your mechanic’s pneumatic drills to the high-pressure reaction vessels used in the efficient production of nuclear power.

ASME SkidAdditionally, pressure vessels contribute to the environmental health of our world, providing an efficient means for factories to collect and compress large amounts of harmful gases, rather than simply allowing them to dissipate into the atmosphere unchecked. Pressure vessels are often also used in the distillation of water and other liquids.

Epcon’s commitment to current environmental concerns ensures that your company need not worry about the potential harmful effects of their products. As a firm dedicated to a bright future, Epcon has long taken pride in their corporate reputation for environmental prudence, seeking in each project to meet their client’s needs by tailoring a solution that has minimal impact on the world around us.

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