Composite Materials

You can rely on Epcon to understand your process and to choose the system most appropriate for VOC and emission control. Our experience leads to effective solutions for the Composite Materials industry.

Having an insight to the needs of your industry comes from an awareness of just what the industry is looking for, and by partnering with their clients, Epcon® Industrial Systems has done just that by the successful development of cost effective, environmentally sound solutions. Developing new technologies is at the forefront of its innovated designs to improve the world’s environment. Many of the patented systems include solutions in the areas of Industrial Ovens, Thermal Oxidizers, which are used as a method of pollution control for process air containing small particles of combustible solids or liquids and a method for Pyrocleaning metal components that degreases metal components using an oven, an oxidizer, a system gas supply, a system gas exhaust, and heat exchangers.

Known for their innovation, Epcon® Industrial Systems is the premier Industrial Oven manufacturer. Many of the systems developed by them have been designed to meet the most unique and stringent requirements in the industry. Being found world wide, EPCON's ovens surpass excellence in functionality and are virtually maintenance free in almost every industry.

Engineers agree that when looking for solutions to environmental pollution issues, Epcon® Industrial Systems is there to meet the demands.

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