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  • Going Green with Epcon Industrial Systems

Going Green with Epcon Industrial Systems

Going Green with Epcon Industrial SystemsEpcon Industrial Systems, LP, already an industry leader in Thermal Oxidizers and Industrial Ovens, is proud to announce their first venture into the field of green & solar energy production. This move is in line with Epcon’s stated business mission: "Protecting the environment through technology."

Solar energy is a nationally and globally valuable enterprise, with the potential to eliminate, or at least reduce, our economy’s dependence on non-renewable forms of energy, such as oil.

As cutting-edge science continually increases our ability to harness ever-larger amounts of the sun’s energy, solar panels could contribute to more than America’s financial health; the development of solar energy systems sufficient to reduce dependence on overseas oil may actually contribute to easing global political unrest.

Since 1977, Epcon has been actively engaged in creating and providing environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions for industries ranging from food processing to metal finishing. This dedication to protecting our natural resources has resulted in the development of a full line of industrial products and processes:

As part of their ongoing mission to provide solutions that balance the energy needs of American industry with the environmental needs of humanity, Epcon’s design team has developed a process to use their already existing systems in the curing and baking processes of solar panel development and manufacture.

The benefit of improved solar efficiency goes much deeper than easing American industry’s dependency on oil. Although the initial cost for solar cells can be high, they quickly pay for themselves, since—unlike oil—the sun comes up every morning. And, perhaps most importantly, there are no waste products associated with converting sunlight into energy.

That means no greenhouse gas emissions, no foul-smelling exhaust, and no lung-smothering pollutants emerge from this technology.

With the smell of profitability growing ever-stronger, solar energy is on its way to becoming a player in the American energy contest. And the versatility of solar panels certainly doesn’t hurt—they can be placed anywhere, so long as the sun hits them. This fact is causing companies that produce things not traditionally associated with solar energy, such as Thermal Oxidizers and Air Pollution Control Systems, to get involved in the game as well.

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