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Industrial Furnaces

industrial furnaceEpcon has built hundreds of Industrial Furnaces and is a premier custom Industrial Furnace manufacturer. Our High Temp Industrial Furnaces can be found all over the world, functioning virtually maintenance free in almost every industry. 

Epcon holds several patents on our unique furnace designs and applications. We design and manufacture specialty and combination industrial furnaces for both high and low temperature applications.

At Epcon, we fabricate and assemble every major industrial furnace component, and guarantee quality and performance.  Each furnace is designed and built to comply with the NFPA 86 standards and OSHA requirements.

We can work with your engineering team to provide the most capable system available. Many of our industrial furnace systems have been designed to meet the most unique and stringent requirements. Some types of Industrial Furnaces we specialize in are:

  • Conveyor Furnaceindustrial furnace
  • Batch Furnace
  • Dry-Off Furnace
  • Curing Furnace
  • Coupling Furnace
  • Gas Fired Furnace
  • Annealing Furnace
  • Brazing Furnace
  • Wicket Furnace
  • Burn Off Furnace
  • Pre Bake Furnace
  • Box Furnace
  • Bench Furnace
  • Burn Out Furnace
  • Pre Heat Furnace
  • Electric Furnace
  • Infrared Furnace
  • Direct Heat Furnace
  • Drum Furnace
  • Epoxy Furnace
  • Powder Coating Furnace

Custom Furnaces for any Industry

Nothing is too complex and no size is too big for us.

We have designed Conveyor, Batch, Dry-Off and Curing Furnaces for many industries. Simply give Epcon the concept and let our engineering and design team take it from there.

Epcon Industrial Systems has been providing leading edge technology Industrial Furances, both nationally and internationally, to various types of process industries such as automotive, petrochemical, metal finishing, coil coating, printing, composite materials, semi-conductor, pulp and paper, sophisticated aerospace, high tech electronics, pharmaceutical, food processing, automotive and continuous web processing.

furnacesWe are a Texas based corporation with the full capability of custom engineering, designing, manufacturing and installing total air pollution control systems, liquid waste oxidizers, industrial ovens and furnaces, dryers, heat treat furnaces, washers, specialty paint spray booths, heat recovery units and conveyors.

Epcon has designed and built nearly 4,000 systems for large and small companies in the United States and abroad. We have Industrial Furnaces in People's Republic of China, Singapore, England, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, several countries in South America, Mexico, Scotland, Italy and Canada.

Epcon is very technically competent, with its "complete" manufacturing facility. We work with the customer's agenda to enhance the customer's profitability. We sell:

  • Confidence (we have integrity and a good reputation in the industry)
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility (we work with customer's needs and agenda)
  • High quality equipment
  • Competitive prices
  • Proficient after-sales service

Epcon has an impeccable reputation in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

  • We specialize in designing and building "uncommon systems for uncommon applications."
  • We are quality driven in our work to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • We manufacture high quality systems.
  • We have a very long list of happy and satisfied customers, and a majority of our business is repeat business.
  • We are extremely flexible in working with customer requirements - we always deliver more than we promise.

Epcon is a premier high temperature Industrial Furnace OEM where the system is custom and must be designed to meet stringent requirements.

Epcon can work with your engineering team to provide the most capable system available. We have most likely built an Industrial Furnace similar to the idea on your drawing board.

Since the beginning, Epcon has been in the forefront of developing new technologies. Sometimes the innovation created by Epcon's ingenuity has merited the designation of a specific patent. We have all the resources needed to pre-test and pre-assemble almost every system in our 250,000 square foot modern shop.

Contact us today and let's turn that idea into a cost effective solution to your heat processing needs.

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