Case Study: Trailer Mounted Afterburner

Soil Remediation System  |  Trailer Mounted Portable Afterburner

The Problem 

A major Vapor & Odor Control company needed a portable solution to clean the soil leftover at old fuel stations. portable afterburner

The Process

trailer mounted afterburnerSoil Remediation Afterburners & Oxidizers are manufactured to treat soil containing contaminates such as petroleum hydrocarbons, with diesel oil, gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents and many other volatile organic compounds (VOC). These systems are designed with a large turn down ratio for varying flow rates and a modulating burner system for fluctuating process stream concentrations. Because of the highly volatile nature of the vapors, detonation and flame arrestors are used.

The Solution

Epcon developed a "Complete System Technology" Vapor Extraction System (VES) which consists of the following:

  • Knock Out Pot
  • High-Pressure Blower
  • Standby Blower

These are self-contained systems with Compressed Air and Electric Generator, to be taken to the job site for on-site remediation.

Epcon has built approximately 500, big and small, Soil Remediation Systems, including for Gas Stations and Mobile Systems.

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