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When you do business with Epcon® Industrial Systems, you deal with a company you can trust. Since it was founded in The Woodlands Texas, the company has enjoyed a reputation for highly productive systems with expertise in many markets. We have expanded our capabilities in manufacturing, marketing, sales, and technical support to emerge a leader in the environmental arena.

Our vision is to continue this unparalleled success in partnering with our clients to provide cost effective, environmentally sound solutions. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the marketplace. With a range of innovative technologies, regulatory and manufacturing experience, and a sales and marketing team with proven success, Epcon is capable of further increasing production to meet growing demands, while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Aluminum Industry

Aluminum Industry - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer with Secondary Heat Exchanger

Aluminum Industry - Continuous Oven

Aluminum Industry - Thermal Oxidizer with Heat Exchanger

Aluminum Industry - Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

Midstream Companies

Midstream Company - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO's)

Midstream Company - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

AC Manufacturing

AC Manufacturer - Thermal Deoiler

Coffee Roasting

Coffee Roasting Company - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Coffee Roasting Company - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing - Two Stage Washer

Metal Finishing - Conveyor Oven

US Government

US Government - Industrial Furnace & Thermal Oxidizer with 2 Heat Exchangers

Government - Electric Batch Oven

Boat Engine Manufacturing

Boat Engine Manufacturer - Recuperative Oxidizer

Vapor / Odor Control

Vapor & Odor Control Company - Trailer Mounted Afterburner for Soil Remediation

55 Gallon Drum Manufacturing

55 Gallon Drum Manufacturer - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer with Primary and Secondary Heat Exchanger and Multiple Ovens, Washers, and Dryers


Major Automotive Company - Thermal Deoiler

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Coil Coating

Coil Coating - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer with Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Engineering Companies

Major Engineering Firm - Thermal Oxidizer

Tire Manufacturers

Tire Manufacturer - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer with Primary and Secondary Heat Exchangers and Three Ovens


Ammunitions - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer with Secondary Heat Exchanger and Three-Stage Conveyor Oven

Petroleum Industry

Petroleum Industry - Afterburner

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial Equipment Manufacturer - Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer with Washer and Multiple Oven


Aerospace - Batch Oven

Aerospace - Decontamination Chamber

Chemical Companies

Chemical Company - H2S Oxidizer

Welding Consumables Manufacturing

Welding Consumables Company - Conveyor Oven

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Facility - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

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