Soil Remediation Oxidizer

Epcon is known in the industry for the Soil Remediation Oxidizer, including Hazardous and Toxic Spills. Epcon Thermal Oxidizer Systems, which operate in a very safe manner, clean up the toxic chemicals from the ground. We pre-test and pre-assemble the majority of systems in our 250,000 square foot modern shop.

These systems have been in operation for the past 20 years and we are continuing to improve upon the design and the capabilities.


Soil Remediation Oxidizers and Catalytic Oxidizers manufactured for soil containing contaminates such as petroleum hydrocarbons, with diesel oil, gasoline, aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents and many other volatile organic compounds (VOC) is what we specialize in. Oxidizer systems are designed with a large turn down ratio for varying flow rates and a modulating burner system for fluctuating process stream concentrations.

Epcon Soil Remediation systems offer the flexibility to be configured to meet your specific project needs and objectives. Our manufactured package is a turnkey fume extraction system that is interlocked and controlled by the Thermal Oxidizer control panel. Trailer mounted soil remediation equipment or skid mounted packages offer the ultimate in safety, control and ease of operation for your Thermal or Catalytic oxidation.

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