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History & Services

Epcon was founded in 1977 in The Woodlands, Texas. In the past quarter century it has grown from a one man-operation to a large corporation, complete with an on-site manufacturing facility. With nearly 4,000 completed systems world wide, Epcon has consistently been a global leader in developing new and innovative air pollution control technology and industrial heating equipment. Epcon specializes in custom designing and manufacturing pre-engineered and pre-tested Air Pollution Control Systems:

Design & Engineering

Epcon’s technical staff comprises competent engineers and AutoCAD specialists with in-depth knowledge of our products and the needs of industries we serve. From concept to completion, Epcon’s professionals work together to design an efficient, customized product for each customer’s unique requirements.

Manufacturing & Testing

Epcon is one of the few companies in our industry that has its own on-site manufacturing facility. This modern, 250,000 square foot facility with state-of-the-art fabricating machinery allows Epcon to maintain complete control over the project’s quality and schedule. Each unit is built with high-quality materials, and because welding is one of the most crucial phases in the fabrication, our welders are both TIG- and MIG-certified.

All systems are preassembled at our facility and undergo rigorous quality checks and testing prior to shipment. Thus, providing reassurance to our customers that the system will perform well when it is delivered and installed.

Company Mission Statement : “Protecting the Environment Through Technology”

When you do business with Epcon® Industrial Systems, you deal with a company you can trust. Since it was founded in The Woodlands, Texas, the company has enjoyed a reputation for highly productive systems with expertise in many markets. We have expanded our capabilities in manufacturing, marketing, sales, and technical support to emerge a leader in the environmental arena.

Our vision is to continue this unparalleled success in partnering with our clients to provide cost effective, environmentally sound solutions. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the marketplace. With a range of innovative technologies, regulatory and manufacturing experience, and a sales and marketing team with proven success, Epcon® is capable of further increasing production to meet growing demands, while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Our commitment is personal as well as corporate. We care about what we do to improve the quality of life for future generations. We pledge to forge responsible, reasonable, technological advances through good management as a company dedicated to tomorrow.

Guiding Principles

Epcon envisions itself as being the premier design, engineering, and manufacturing company in the highly competitive environmental and metal finishing systems industry. Epcon will attain this marketplace status by delivering only products and services of the highest quality and value and by constantly striving to fully satisfy its customers.

  • An organizational culture where performance goals and Objectives are clearly defined and understood
  • A strong sense of accomplishment
  • A passion for excellence
  • A spirit of creativity and innovation

Epcon will be recognized as a company that is highly aggressive in its performance goals and its willingness to take prudent risks.

Epcon will always seek out and be receptive to new ways to better serve its customers.

Epcon will be known for the professional freedom, recognition, and rewards it provides to its employees.

Epcon will attain this recognition while maintaining an ethical, safe, and healthy work environment.

At Epcon we will view problems and challenges as opportunities to demonstrate our knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform. We will be a company that seeks out and develops long-term stable and trusting relationships with our customers. suppliers, and employees.

Epcon’s competitive mindset will be the timely delivery of quality cost-effective products and services to its valued customers.

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